May 31, 2012

[FEATURED POST 1 of 2] Let's have a naked party in the army barracks

Oh the joys of being young and straight, possible doing the single stupidest thing ever by getting a group of your army buddies naked and show off on webcam in front of a large crowd on a popular webcam site. Good thing for us the entire 7 minutes of it was recorded hehe (plus a bonus 4 minute video too).

 2 videos zipped in one 78mb file!

[FEATURED POST 2 OF 2] Dancing with his cock out (drunk!!)

This english lad and the guy filming him laughing in the background have no idea how hot this entire thing is. Om nom nom

May 22, 2012

Nude english lads at the gym (HD)

Just a bunch of fit, young lads living like rock-stars. Ain't afraid of the camera showing them fully naked in what appears to be a short-mockumentary about "midnight gym sessions" coming in at night when there aren't as many people around.

Hot nude basketball

Dieux Du Stade 2004 - Rare - Full film

This is one of the Dieux's that features the most cock action. It is also very rare being 8 years old and was extremely hard to find a link to. Enjoy y'all!

Borat mankini in shopping mall!

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