February 20, 2012

Straight guy is very drunk and swims naked in hotel pool

He has no idea he is being filmed. He swims around in a drunken stupor for a good five minutes. Highlights include him starting to touch himself, and flashing his cock when he tries to get up and fails.

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February 13, 2012

Geelong high school teacher's leaked sex video!

This is a pretty massive deal in australia. "Failure to deal with geelong high school teacher who made a porn video with former student has gone viral on the internet and should be subject of an inquiry itself. Not only are the parents of students at the school threatening to withdraw their children if the teacher stays, other teachers are threatening to work out." You can read more here and here

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Straight lads ass play


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Hot european men do the naked pyramid YUM

Who hasn't ever fantasised about doing this with straight guys? It would be pretty fun being the secretly gay one in this group of naked men just crawling up on to each other. Yummm. This is a three minute film just saying.

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February 10, 2012

Swedish guy jerks off and cums in his friend's hair and face.

Another "oh my god do straight guys do this" video for today. Yes they do. I think they are at some kind of camp or festival, but anyway this guy spends a few minutes jerking his cock in front of friends and then does exactly what the title of this post says he does. He cums in another guys hair and face.

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Lad gets naked and pissed on by his drunk friends as a hazing exercise.

First he gets naked, wees on himself, lies down and is all like "Okay do it!" He is not impressed getting his mates piss in his face though, and jumps up, nearly vomits, and then gets a whole bottle of everybody's piss thrown at him. This is literally the depths drunk english boys will go to to have fun, isn't it?

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February 5, 2012

Russian Lad's Dick Play!?

Hazed – Sitting On Fire Ant Nest Naked!!

Wet and Slippery Hazing Wrestling Boys – HOT!

Naked Lecture

Extended DVD scene from a european film!

Naked New Zealand Lads at a beach in Otago

I remember seeing this on the now closed worldnudeday.com website. It was a competition in New Zealand that revolved around the funniest nudity videos, obviously. Apparently a dozen or so kiwi lads thought it would be hilarious to jump down sand dunes naked, make sandcastles, say hello to a seal and then jump on top of eachother in the water. To each their own hahahahaha

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Naked indoor strip twister / Naked outdoor banter

Hot "Occupy" protesters get naked and then arrested!!!

Civil disobedience FTW!! But seriously, this honestly looks like something that could have come out of the beginning of a low budget porno film.

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