February 9, 2012

Lad Prostate "Naked Beach Volleyball" clip from 2012 Making Of Calendar

filepost link coming back soon!

You can still order the making of 2012 calendar from Lad Prostate UK 


Anonymous said...

Hey! What happened to the FilePost clip? When oh when will I get a chance to use my premium download privileges?

John said...

Filepost file not found :-(

Nude Straight Guys said...

It appears to have been removed via DMCA request. I tried to upload it again but it was rejected.

For now this file can only be accessed at FileFactory, i'm going to try and figure out a work around. At the moment though, the File Hosting industry is under intense pressure so I would not recommend getting anything more than a 1 or 3 month membership at any of them, no matter which website or forum you use the links.

I'm saying this as a professional courtesy, right now we want to use two file hosts and are changing each post on the site to reflect that, but we can't control that industry.

There are other LAD prostate films and over a thousand other videos you can use your premium membership for, too.

- Webmaster

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