September 30, 2011

FileFactory and FilePost: Important News!!

You may have noticed dual FileFactory/FilePost links in newer posts this week. 

This is a direct result of user emails sent in asking for a switch. The overwhelming feedback by people who have accounts with FilePost is important enough for us to make the change. Looking back, we think we should have been so much more up front about everything that was happening and why. Here's why:

We started posting new entries with FileFactory in late January. This was due to file host instability and events surrounding MegaUpload. Basically we were having problems uploading new content to FilePost and were unsure if our current uploads were protected from being deleted.

So we got in touch with FileFactory and they offered us assurances that our files would be protected through them and began to upload new posts through February and March. In the meantime, we left FilePost links in tact for the thousands of videos posted in 2011 and January 2012. Those links are still in tact now.

Since January the File hosting industry has calmed down and FilePost have given us upload priveleges again after reviewing our account. So now all new entries will be linked there as they were, for months and months prior to January 23rd. However: we like FileFactory too so decided to use both moving forward. A lot of users signed up to FileFactory during the changes and we will continue to upload new content there as a goodwill gesture to them. New and regular users to the blog should note that all videos posted before January 23rd 2012 are hosted via FilePost only. Just a thought when deciding which host to use.

p.s. Using third party websites to host files means we can't always control what decisions they make so we recommend against signing up for the 1 or 2 year memberships

Just a regular day Naked.

Gotta get my bowl, gotta have my cereal... and then get my clothing cleaned naked.

Party Lads Strip & Go Wild!

It's a party in the USA! BOOOOM

"They took off his pants!"

This straight lad has been stripped and doesn't seem to care because he lets his hot cock swing around before jumping into a crowd of guys and rolling around in the sand. The question we want to know is... why weren't we there to witness it? Ah, who cares at least we have this hotness on video.

Naked Volleyball

Gotta love it when straight guys hang out as nude men together. It seemingly turns a boring day into a really escapist one or in our case, quite a hot one. Do you like? Because we sure do.

Streaking on the street for money!

This guy is challenged to walk naked in foreign streets for cash. Check out the expression on the woman in the second photo. Epic and priceless. 

Undie Swap

Fit straight guys swapping underwear video. 

Footballers Wives Showers

The television series Footballers Wives used to include a lot of male nudity, so here is some we found to post today. Want more?

September 27, 2011

New Big Brother Nudity

Naked lads on big brother are a guilty pleasure. Watch them streak and skinny dip and shower and horseplay, and oh my!

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