January 22, 2012

Two southern boys horsing around in the shower

"You're secretly gay" "No, you're secretly gay" *GrindGrindGrindGrind*
This is a seriously hot video of the perfect kind of naked men. Watch the lads engage in horseplay, prolonged simulated sex (both ways), fully naked. Can anyone tell from the accent which state they might be from?


Miky said...


Anonymous said...

Secretly gay indeed!

It's especially funny that the guy on the right seems to think he's in charge at first, only to have his cackling friend put him in that head hold and start pounding away.

MadJockLad said...

I'd like to be in that ROFL

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, can someone upload this on mediafire, megaupload or something like that?

since i cant download from wupload :(

i Want thiss

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